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TAPU | Title Deed

A Tapu is an official document in the registry to show you own an estate. Translated it means title deeds, and we will clarify what language is used on a Tapu in this article. Turkish tapus issues, lodges and archives are at the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate of Turkey.

To prove the document’s legality, a stamp will appear in the middle at the bottom. For most instances, the image of the owner is often suffixed and sealed to the Tapu’s top-right, but that’s not necessary. More than one person’s name can appear on the title deeds, in which case it will display the respective shares.

Turkish Tapu Explained: Meanings of Terms Used
Taşınmaz bilgileri/Property Information: Information about address of the property

• İl: City

• İlçe: Town

• Mahalle/Köy: District/Village

• Ada: Block number

• Parsel: Parcel number

• Yüz Ölçümü: Size of the land area

• Niteliği: Feature (whether it is vacant, cultivated or land with buildings)
Bağımsız Bölüm/Independent Section: Information about the independent unit such as a apartment, house, etc.

• Arsa Payı: Land share

• Proje Alanı: Project squaremeters

• Blok/Giriş/Kat No: Block/Entrance/Floor numbers

• Bağımsız Bölüm No: Structural statuses like if it is an independent flat, house, or duplex unit number

• Cilt/Sayfa No: Number of volume/page
Malik bilgileri/Owner Information: Information about owners of the property

• Adı/Soyadı – Baba Adı: Name(s) of current owner(s) and his/her father

• Hissesi: Share
Tescile ilişkin bilgiler/Registration information: Information about location, price and type of property

• Taşınmaz Tip/No: Type and number of property

• Edinme Sebebi: Reason for purchase

• İşlem Bedeli: Purchase price

• Konum Bilgisi: Adress information (QR Code)

• Tescil Tarihi/Yevmiye No: Registration date

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