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In Turkey, property owners often choose to hire an attorney to conduct the case for them. It is not a necessity, but advantages include avoiding extra expenses such as interpreter fees and participating in activities where you can’t fly for formal procedures such as signing for title deeds.

The process of hiring someone to serve as an attorney on your behalf is simple and will be completed within 2 hours. A fixed contract as specified by Turkish law is used and is witnessed at a notary public office after it has been translated. Istanbul Homes staff can help you if you want to do this but there are things to know.

Things to consider when granting attorney power in Turkey

Wisely choose which one you give power to. While friends might be willing and ready to help, we recommend using a certified and registered lawyer who is legally bound to act in your best interests.

Offer just the forces required, and no more. For example, the POA only requires authority to sign for title deeds and arrange water and electrical connection for the purchase of land.

If you have no plans to sell your house, there’s no need to include the rights of the sellers. Similarly, a general power of attorney gives someone the right to receive credit on your behalf, and go into debt.

Giving others the right to act on your behalf will not entitle you to whatever assets you have. Your name will always be on the title deeds.

You must use a professional translator which is accepted by the notary office when you have the document translated. If you have any concerns about the use of attorney power in Turkey, please contact us today.

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