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Shaan Bro. Allah Paak ap ko aur khushia aur barkatey den. You have a gift 💝 from Allah , which gift is superior to all gifts, and it’s not only a gift, it’s a blessing, rather , worlds most biggest blessing , and it’s not only a blessing but it’s a master key to every success , and that’s your high akhlaaq and humbleness Ma’Shaa’Allah Ma’Shaa’Allah . May Allah bless you more and more آمِيْن يَارَبَّ الْعَالَمِينْ ♥️

You guys are the best! Stay blessed…You guys are the best! Stay blessed…

Munir Trunkwala

AZAD – Affordable, Zealous (about their work), Attentive, Dependable Nadeem Saleh, Dubai

Who,Sir, can be a better wordsmith than Shaan Agha?
So why don’t you write it? Especially since anonymous is kosher😁
I would of course be happy to attempt it too, but it won’t shine the way Shaan’s shimmering will🤗

Azad Properties Istanbul
We had the privilege to work with Azad Properties based in Istanbul when we applied for our Turkish citizenship. We have found them to be an extremely professional unit. The entire process of buying the properties and the applying process was handled with utmost care. The follow up post receipt of our documents has also been diligently done and all accounts properly submitted. Mr. Shaan Agha (also the partner/owner) leads a very dedicated team. He is very pleasing personality and easy to work with. We wish them continued success Anonymous

From the moment I landed in İstanbul to the end of my stay there, I never got the feeling of being alone in a foreign land. Got excellent advice for making the right investment and all the necessary paperwork was handled in the most professional way. I thank you all at Azad properties for your support and help in buying the property and also for taking care of all other matters such as hotel bookings, airport pick and drop, etc.

Yes, I’d like to remain anonymous. Thank you.

How’s this: “Azad Properties was extremely helpful in finding us a perfect apartment investment in Istanbul. Their real estate team is highly knowledgeable, diligent, and responsive. They are the go-to experts for real estate in Turkey.” – Ali Haji



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