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Feyzi Yıldız

Real-Estate Sales Agent
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Zeynep Aydogan

Senior Property Consultant
Zeynep is an intelligent, sociable and confident person with strong extrovert personality. ...
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Mosaab Hajouk

Real-Estate Sales Agent
The energetic, investor, and trader Mosaab speaks four languages, helping cater to the wid ...
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Bisma Hamza Abbasi

Social Media Manager
Having worked in the world of digital marketing for the past 7 years, Bisma keeps our cust ...
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Mariam Mirza

Sales Director
An ex-banker with an experience of over 25 years in sales under her belt , she is dynamic ...
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Senior Sales Consultant
In a career spanning 25 years, he has  traveled to over 75 countries, gathering experience ...
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Fahri Dursun

Sales Consultant
Fahri’s sociability, independent spirit, and incredible customer service set him apa ...
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Legal Consultant

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